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One way, is through products like this

Would you like to help Dave put food on the tables of those who are less fortunate?.ladybug-diffuser-red


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helps those who are less fortunate!

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IMPACT OTHERS in a positive way.



We Simplify Giving

When you make a purchase on our website, we’ll discretely donate food, products, or proceeds to the underprivileged on your behalf. 


Without you it’s simply not possible. We hope you support our efforts and enjoy the site.


We don’t just sell products to our customers, we are using this opportunity to impact society in a positive way. Of course this is nothing new, we’re not the first to do this, but we are trying to do our part. Your purchases are geared towards buying non perishable goods for food banks, who in turn feed people that could really use the help. In some cases we will also donate products or funds in lieu of food. We’re trying to simplify the process of giving by making sure that

you also get something out of it.


Our number one goal is to inspire happiness, positivity and help people become more open-minded. We bring you a SEAMLESS, QUICK and EASY way to get your favourite things without paying an arm and a leg; and in addition, we’re not going to ask you for donations at the cash register. We’re all paying enough for things already, aren’t we?

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Distributors of Kindness.

Think about a world where every buyer was a giver. What would happen if we could give as little as 3% of our purchases to the underprivileged?

The total global e-commerce sales were $2.86 trillion in 2018. If 1% of this amount was channeled towards helping the less fortunate, we would have helped many charity organizations to do what we all should be doing – giving back to our world of inequalities. Integrated into our online shopping platform, Distinguished Distributors’ aims to simplify the art of giving to support important causes throughout the world. We enable our shoppers to donate products or use the proceeds made from every sale on the Distinguished Distributors’ marketplace.



Everything we do is about you, and them.

Who doesn’t have a desire to care for the less privileged? It’s in our hearts, it’s just that we all can’t give all the time. Well now it’s a little bit easier. We invite you to a new world of seamless shopping and a community of great charity givers that make up our network. Prices are not marked up to facilitate the giving. With your support and donations, we are certain that the results will be greater and better than ever before. Read our story, shop whenever you can, subscribe to our newsletters and help us change the world for the better, even if it’s just a teeny bit. By working together every day, and adding new products, the results we achieve together increase.

We strive to connect passionate givers like you with our online shopping platform, to make the world a little better place with each purchase. We hope to transform your desire into a documented support for charity in order to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Through enabling the economic power of shopping through great people like you, we benefit our communities in ways that are being overlooked in many industries and geographical locations. Our big dream at Distinguished Distributors, is to simply use real donations to change the world, even if it’s by tiny increments. 



We’re not claiming to offer the best

shopping experience or have thousands of products with the best prices, but we’ll always do our best to make sure you’re happy with our service while donating to these worthy causes on your behalf at no extra cost to you. Without increasing your budget, we have a catalog of customizable gifts and products that are both meaningful and memorable and the list is growing.



We are aware of the challenges involved in delivering products to some worthy causes. We know that you are always busy, and we value your time. As a result, we have a dedicated logistics manager that handles shipping and delivery to practically any part of the world.

Shop your favourite products or services. Find our best deals and join the growing community of “Distributors of Kindness”.

Together, we are Distinguished Distributors.  Help us spread our mission to go even farther TODAY!