It ain’t Bitcoin’s fault.

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Why is Bitcoin’s value hanging in there when it should be falling? It’s not the coin’s fault! It’s we the people to blame. For its value to keep holding, it just takes the continuous interest of the people. Even when the so called skeptics who say it’s an unreasonable energy consumer; or that it will be surpassed by competitors, none of that seems to matter. What matters is ‘first to market’ and the simple fact that humans are followers.

Why is Bitcoin Staying at Number One?

As long as it’s being used by the correctly matched facilitators or users, currently, it’s still a fantastic investment when compared to your bank savings account. You can’t discount the fact that, if the people put a value on it, it will remain in demand while not losing your money for what looks like mid to long term strong.

Bitcoin is not an energy hog after all.

It seems many of us are uninformed and misunderstanding a little bit. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge Bitcoin’s future or the impact it has on our energy. It’s actually using less and less energy as time passes and far less energy when compared to even some traditional things of which we have all become accustomed. We don’t seem to care how much energy McDonald’s uses, or our current payment systems, yet we’re quick to judge Bitcoin on rumours alone.

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